Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Greek-key meander necklaces mounted with greek coins

greek key, meander pattern jewelry, ancient jewellery

The year 2009 has seen the launch of over 100 new pieces in Ancient Jewelry designs available from Greek Jewelry Shop. Our catalog comprises of some items dating back to the founding year of our workshop (1928) and it is always a great pleasure to enrich this collection with new worthwhile items made by our skilled old-school crafstmen.
The above items constitute some of the larger Greek Key Necklaces in our Necklace page.

The significance of the Greek Key
The Greek key pattern (also meander or meandros) takes its name from the square pieces that repeat in the pattern that look rather like an old fashioned key. The pattern is also known as a meander or a Greek fret. Meander means twisting and turning.
Meanders were among the most important symbols in ancient Greece; they, perhaps, symbolized infinity and unity; many ancient Greek temples incorporated the sign of the meander. Greek vases, especially during their Geometric Period, were likely the genesis for the widespread use of meanders; alternately, very ocean-like patterns of waves also appeared in the same format as meandros, which can also be thought of as the Guilloche pattern. The shield of Philip II of Macedon was decorated with multiple symbols of the meander; the shield itself can be found in the museum of Vergina in Central Macedonia of Greece.

20 new ancient Greek Necklace designs

Over 20 new Ancient Necklace designs have been added to our store this week on our necklaces page. Themes include Greek Key (meander) Necklaces, animal torc necklaces, and hellenistic hand-woven jewelry designs (photos below)

All of Greek Jewelry Shop's necklaces are subject to our seasonal special offers. To make sure you're getting the best deal possible, remember to check out all current special offers and discounts for our fine Greek Jewellery!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New gold-plated coin pendant series

greek gold coin pendants

We are proud to give our followers a glimpse of some of the new designs we will be adding to our site over the next week! This brand new range features a number of the most popular ancient coin pendants in gold plated matte-finish versions! Naturally the entire pendant material is sterling silver and the quality of these pieces matches our the rest of our items and our reputation.

This range took quite a bit of research. As many jewelry fans may know, gold plated silver is quite frequently a disappointment (particularly for pendants) as the increased contact with the skin (acidity of sweat, perfumes etc) generally is known to cause gold plating to fade quickly. However from our experience the best way to do this was to allow the silver meander mount to shield and protect the inner coin from high contact. The result was even better than we expected due to the beautiful contrast created between the vivid gold color (on the sand-blasted matt coins) and the glossy silver external Greek-Key bezel!

Let us know what you think!

My big fat cretan wedding!

wedding planning crete

Some say that Crete is a step away from paradise, others call it a dream-retreat. If Crete is the place where you would like the most memorable occasion of your lifetime to happen, then the people down at Almyrida Beach Hotel arrange it for you!
Planning your dream wedding at the Almyrida Beach resort will be as easy as 1,2,3!
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crete wedding almurida beach

wedding in crete greece planning

New jewelry designs coming this week!

Stay tuned for new additions at Greek Jewelry Shop! Over 100 new designs to be added to our store shortly!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beautiful scenes of Greece and Greek monuments

I wanted to share this video I found on youtube with some of the nicest images of ancient Greek monuments I have come across, compiled together. The music by Vangelis also seems appropriately monumental. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vacation offer for Almyrida Beach Hotel (Crete)

Our friends at the dazzling Almyrida Beach resort in Crete have something very special to say! Take advantage of their special holiday offer which ends soon!!!!

Book now between the dates 16th April until the 9th of May 2009 and receive 8% off your booking!!!

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Dionysus/Bacchus silver coin pendant

Featured item


Current price $78.80

The coin is characterised by coinage collectors as one of the most celebrated coins from antiquity and a masterpiece of an engraving. Originals are valued from $15,000.00
EU €11,487.92
- $30,000.00
EU €22,975.84
depending on condition.

Satiros, Satyre, nude male, phallic figure

Head of Dionysos looking right in a magnificent depiction, wearing wreath of ivy, hair tied in bunch behind head. Legend reads N-AXI-ON, nude and ithyphallic Silenos or satyr squatting facing left

Material: Solid Sterling Silver