Monday, October 24, 2011

For today, we cannot but mourn..

At these historically difficult times for Greece, there is little that can be said to alleviate the grief and pain for the strike against the civilized world in the heart of historic Europe. For all those passengers in life who have passed through Greece once or a few times in their lives and felt the warmth and the blessed-by-God earth and sea of the aegean, words have no meaning. The light of truth is everywhere, between the passenger and Him. Who has not spoken with Him under the sun of the Aegean? As a ritual, each traveler has been allowed this moment.

Such is the warmth of Greece. The calm depth of simplicity, warms the heart, and happiness, comedy and tragedy become one. Such beauty makes engages everyone. Indeed even the gods of Olympus were permeable receptors of such passion, weakness and the humble beauty of humanity. We are not gods, we are human yet with many flaws. We, the Greeks (or Hellenes) understand the essence of freedom and civilization and we have been credited for this. Indeed we envisaged 'Europa' in our myths as an artiste persuaded and subdued by the tempting reincarnation of Zeus as a Bull. This was the true Greek myth. This is what makes us Hellenes. As Alexander the Great advocated, taught by Aristotle, 'He who is a Hellene is not so by birth right but by choice - as every man is free have Hellenic thought'.

Greece has been humiliated but it is not finished. It is too wise to forget, and it has struggled too much in the past to give up. Greece is NOT hopeless because it is a country rich in history, and having history is having wisdom and belonging. Wisdom is to learn from one's mistakes and to set the example for those mistakes of others. Those who carry a little of Greece in their hearts or in their memories must always find room to smile.. for the sun is still shining on us.

For today however, we cannot but mourn.