Thursday, June 25, 2009

LA Greek film festival

greek film festival

Greek Jewelry Shop is a proud sponsor of the LA Greek Film festival taking place June 25th-28th 2009. Several pieces donated will be auctionned in the arranged online Greek Film Festival auction.
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Greek Jewelry Shop is keen at being involved and sponsoring Greek events worldwide. If you are an event organizer please feel free to contact us via the Greek Jewelry Shop website for further information.
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A pause to remember a magnificent personality who Greece was blessed with. Those readers who have never heard the name 'Jules Dassin' please take a moment of your time to meet this wonderful person. The American movie-maker was to many; one of the last great men in Greek public life.
He closed his eyes last year but cannot possibly be forgotten and there's a little part of him that comes back to life with the new Acropolis museum. Enjoy!

The new acropolis museum

Finally, only a few months are left to go until the expected date of the unveiling of the brand new Acropolis museum which is expected to decorate Athens starting September 2009.
The museum will home the entire Parthenon marble collection including numerous statues never displayed to the public before. This 'architecturally correct' - 21 st century museum will finally offer all the best conditions for a respectable venue of display that the pieces have claimed for many years. The opening is also expected to put much pressure on the British Museum for the return of the 'Elgin Marbles', those dismantled from the Parthenon and shipped to Britain as a spectacle for London, now that one of the main arguments of 'concern over the well being of the marbles' will clearly be eliminated. 
We simply can't wait to see the beautiful job that the multitude of archaeologists have performed! Those of you who are in Athens during September may be lucky enough to coincide with the grand opening (assuming that deadlines are kept to schedule).

An m'agapas by Tania Tsanaklidou

Not by any means a new hit. 'An m'agapas' is perhaps one of the most characterstic and beautiful hymns that marked living in greece in the late 70's or early 80's in Greece. Tania's extraordinary voice led her to a very succesful carreer with a refined audience at a safe distance from Greek Pop. 

An m'agapas means "If you love me.."
If you love me.. I'll steal colours of the fire and a white linen. 
The two of us will re-sketch life. 
If you love me.. there will be no grey for you to watch, 
you'll hold me 
and to ceremonial shores you will take me. 
But if all these, which seem like crazy dreams, become a roar. 
If all these, and whatever I've imagined, doesn't come. 
It will be a loss, the light will become dark, and will vanish, 
because perhaps.. for me the world is you.. only you..