Sunday, November 18, 2012

New product - Large faceted 'ionic' Greek-key motif earrings

Its not regularly that we promote or announce new products - namely because most of the 2000+ jewelry designs in the Greek Jewelry Shop range go back 3-4 generations in the Vaphiadis family history back to the early 1900's and the essence of our jewelry range is virtually timeless. In this sense there's nothing 'new' about this design that constitutes an exception - apart from the fact that it was added to our online store today following the request of a customer who browsed our entire catalogue and 'needed' these earrings for his wife for Christmas.. but this has been a great opportunity to say something about this sensational design.

I felt that the specific earrings - Timothy's 'find' in the full catalog section of our site - deserved not only to be added to our online store, but a special note. Upon reading his email we were actually baffled as to why we missed these earrings in our earlier selections and why we hadn't made these available in our earrings section far sooner!

These large glossy meander earrings have a distinctly feminine appeal in true Grecian style. Despite that their surface is curiously simple (ie, not covered with intricate detail like other Hellenistic rhythms), their incredibly simple and attractive silhouette embodies a pure feminine form in archetypical Greek rhythm - that one would most likely associate to being Ionic.
There is certainly a profoundly contemporary and modernistic feel derived from minimalist forms such as these, which revives the essence of classical Greek perception. A timelessness which is always current (much like in the case of an Ionic column) because of the 'wisdom' surrounding it's simplicity of form.
It is perhaps no coincidence that most professional and skilled designers today, whether in jewelry, architecture, fashion or even industrial design will most likely confess that it is a much greater challenge and more difficult to reduce a form to the essentials, than to add features - which often lead to clutter.
The fact that the Greek civilization achieved to reach the core essential, archetypical and fluid lines in their structures and art - is a reflection of the phenomenal advance which they also achieved in social sciences, politics, philosophy, fine art and theater. The principle of reduction (αφαίρεση = subtraction) alone leads to conclusions and a deeper understanding of nature and key motives which not only appeal to the senses but are building blocks in civilization.

Greek Jewelry Shop Product Link: Large faceted 'Ionic' Greek-Key motif earrings

Material: Sterling Silver
Length: Approx 4.6 cm in length (approx 1 3/4 inches)