Thursday, December 17, 2009

The destruction of the Parthenon

A very controversial video, made for the Greek ministry of culture by acclaimed director Gavras then censored by the Greek Church for daring to suggest the portion of blame and influence of the Greek Church in the eventual destruction of the Acropolis. Perhaps a little harsh on the British, or perhaps this video portrays an unfortunate bare truth as there still (end of 2009) appears to be no official British recognition of the grabbing of the marbles to have been an indecent act. If this is the way an advanced nation acquires culture, and defends this action today, then tens of museums are not enough to supplement the culture missing from one's people.

"Arms gave the first his right, the latter had none, but (Elgin) basely stole what less Barbarians won".

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The big blue

There are favorites and there are favorites. This track from the magnificent composer Eric Sera has to be my favorite soundtrack of all time. The film "The Big Blue" or Le Grand Bleu" that dates back to almost 1980 is not a bit less magnificent. For those reminiscent of Greece and Greek islands or to anyone that has never seen this masterpiece, I highly recommend watching this film. The film is almost entirely filmed on the Greek islands as well as some scenes in the beautiful Taormina (Sicily). The scenes in Greece are mainly from a tiny island called Amorgos with dazzling scenery.
By the way, the American version and the European version differ significantly. To get the full flavor of this masterpiece try to get hold of a copy of the extended version (also called version longue or director's cut).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Whether small or large, get the most out of your 'buyz' this Christmas

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28 October - Greek national holiday - Why?

On 28 October 1940 Fascist Italy demanded the surrender of Greece, but Greek dictator Ioannis Metaxas refused and in the following Greco-Italian War, The 'Ohi' that Metaxas replied to Mussolini's diplomats request for surrender on October 28th meant a straight 'No', and since this day this National holiday for Greece is also known as Ohi (or oxi)-day (meaning No-day!)

Greece repelled Italian forces into Albania, giving the Allies their first victory over Axis forces on land. Although the Italians failed dismally to occupy Greece, Greece would eventually fall to urgently dispatched German forces during the Battle of Greece, that were sent to assist Mussolini's troops. The German occupiers nevertheless met serious challenges from the Greek Resistance. Over 100,000 civilians died from starvation during the winter of 1941–42.

Vancouver winter Olympics torch ceremony

The torch relay for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics got underway on October 22, with the sun’s rays igniting the flame during a brief break in the clouds at the ancient Olympic stadium.

Greek text jewellery

Greek text on jewelry? A great idea particularly when the text is significant for us. Suggesting 2 silver rings available from Amazon! Please comment with your own suggestions if you have any of your own jewelry ideas to recommend to other readers.

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For him:

Sterling Silver Greek "Pray Without Ceasing" Men's Ring by Bob Siemon

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bienvenue au Magasin des Bijoux Grecques en francaise!

Bienvenue au Magasin des Bijoux Grecques !

bijoux grecques

Nous sommes chaleureux parce que le mois dernier notre site a été peuplé enfin par des centaines spécimens de la bijouterie greque,d' une haute qualité , qui ne sont jamais vu sur Internet auparavant ! Ces articles ont été creés dans notre atelier qui s'est logé à Athènes depuis 1928. Notre vaste collection de bijoux grecques anciennes est une des plus grande disponible et notable pour sa solide et sa qualité raffinée en Grèce . C'était un grand projet, puisque il y avait des centaines de conceptions uniques qui couvraient une plénitude d'entités thématiques anciennes avec des articles spécialisés, mais qui n'étaient pas disponibles sur Internet. Beaucoup de nos clients par tout le monde, sont devenus aussi des amis grâce à leur enthousiasme et leur passion pour l'art ancien.On peut trouver la même passion dans la tradition de notre famille, et notamment en ce qui concerne la Grèce Ancienne et plutot les objets grecs anciens, Byzances, le Minoen et les bijoux de Mycenean. On aimerait que vous êtiez à l'aise sur notre site et n'hesitez pas nous contacter avec vos commentaires estimés, vos questions et vos opinions.

Disc of festos, phaestos, disc of phaistos, bijoux grecques anciennes

Beaucoup de catégories de Bijouterie (comme les bagues & les pendentifs) ont été déjà enricheés avec d'argent grec exquis et des conceptions en'or, presque tous fait à la main, et sont maintenant prêt à acheter en ligne. Cependant il y a plus d'articles pour commander que vous pouvez voir dans le Catalogue de Bagues Grecques et le le Catalogue de Pendentifs Grecs . Certains articles seront ajoutés dans notre magasin en ligne, seulement si vous les demandez, donc si vous êtes intéressé pour quelque objet / bijoux qui n'a pas énuméré pour l'achat, ne se gêne pas nous contacter et nous allons vous aider avec plaisir !

S'inscrivez à notre bulletin (au fond de la page) pour obtenir nos meuilleurs offres et traites de promotion et de plus, gagnez des cadeaux GRADUITS et des prix de concours. Et n'oubliez pas visiter notre gamme de bracelets et les séries qui présente un de nos spécialités internationales: la bijouterie de torc animale !

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Merci pour votre soutien et nous attendons avec impatience de vous aider prochainement !

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The authentic Tzatziki recipe - Greek Cuisine

A customer from the United States who is also a friend,recently asked me what the REAL recipe for Greek Tzatziki is. When I first heard her question, I didn't understand her confusion - after all I thought that finding a recipe for Greek Tzatziki was relatively straight-forward on the internet. Right? Wrong.
Upon searching the net and sites like youtube I was MORTIFIED at the terribly wrong interpretations of the Tzatziki recipe by people who obviously had never been to Greece..
Some recipes included red-peppers and even feta-cheese (!!!) in the sauce.. which may be an interesting proposition.. but ask any Greek and they will tell you that it sure ain't tzatziki!!!
Here's a short video I found that shows the authentic traditional recipe. Nice and simple! - Enjoy!

Monday, September 21, 2009

New additions to our range! Hand woven heavy silver bracelets

hand made silver bracelets from greek jewelry shop

We're still busy adding a multitude of items to our Greek Jewelry range, most designs of which have NEVER been available on the internet before!
These hand-woven sterling silver bracelets are some of the most exquisite pieces in our range.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The visit of an Athenian to the New Acropolis museum

my visit to the new acropolis museum

As a city-dweller of modern Athens who has been hearing about and awaited the new museum for decades, I did not chose to go in the first week of its opening but I have waited a while for just the right time. After all the initial opening reserved for politicians and lucky people with VIP passes, then came the heards of Athens socialites (class B that is, because they too couldn't get VIP passes), with curious citizens, and bewildered tourists. I say bewildered because unless you had the priviledge of the VIPs arriving in Limos, you would probably be walking out of the metro station and puzzled as to where the entrance is due to the lack of signs. So right now the hype is almost over, the gates have opened for a while now, the visitors know pretty much where it is and how to get there and it the time is right to look at the acropolis museum in more perspective. So I said 'I'ts time to pay a visit!' and what have the flavors been?

Well mine have been good and bad, although on the whole good.

I must say that on arrival, I too, fell for what seems to be the Museum joke or something. When you come out of the 'Acropolis metro station', you can't miss the sight of the huge building. However as you approach it, the question of 'How do I get in?' inevitably arrises. So after a few laps around the huge block and meeting other puzzled visitors with the same question, map in hand, you finally bump into the main gate and then you know you're there.

The management of the museum seems to have overcome alot of the old-school tattyness associated with all other previous ancient sites and museums around Greece and the public sector in general. That is, that the technology in ticketing upon entrance is upto date, the personnel actually have smily faces and don't grunt at you - (surpise huh?) the lighting, the presentation equipment, and even the gift shop is upto the 21st century - an amazement for all of us who remember the old Athens airport (LOL, true vintage) and who have painfully attatched in our minds the concept of travel and tourism in Greece with kitch ouzo bottles in various shapes, scary fridge magnets, and miniature perfume balms in hideous Greek-style vases. So if that's the idea you (justifiably) have of Greece, then prepare for something lightyears ahead.
To their credit, it is strikingly apparent that management have also made the extra-ordinary decision of charging a 1 euro entrance fee for the rest of 2009 and maintain extreemely reasonable prices in the food areas of the museum. Thus, a cup of esspresso is charged about 1.60 e, if I remember correctly, and this is probably the cheapest cup of coffee you'll find in Athens. Not bad, considering that the view up there is one of the best!
Roman and other ruins below the museum site. these are visible throughout the museum through glass floors.

Next to the main point, the sculptures, we have 2 main types hosted in the museum. The first is the freizes that originally decorated the upper fringe of the Parthenon (some are casts of the originals awaiting for their replacement with the originals, which were 'borrowed' by our humble european neighbours, the British, but lets not get into that). The amazing thing, I hadn't realized, even having heard so much about the museum, before getting the chance to actually go there, is that ithe top floor is designed to look like an enclosure of the actual Parthenon itself. What do I mean? Well, the decorative Parthenon marbles which are a fabulous unmatched work of sculpture showing an ancient procession in the 'panathenaia' festivities, which however maintain their excact relative position to the monument and are positioned such that you can walk around the life-size display/installation which is a rectangle, the size of the Parthenon itself. This sounds quite straightforward and an obvious way of presentation, however when seeing the actual Parthenon next to you, through the glass windows, with the same orientation (North,South) the result is senstional.
the acropolis museum, athens
To the left the freizes in perfect parallel to the monument behind

The second type of marbles are 3-dimensional statues associated to or found the sacred hill of the Acropolis. (Unlike the ones mentionned above, which are relief engravings and not entirely 3D). These are the same ones as the ones previously hosted on the minute museum which used to be up on the acropolis hill. They're beautiful. They're sensational. The setting? hmmm average if you ask me. They have been scattered around a gigantic hall in order to resemble the way they may have been placed on the hill in ancient times, most of them offerings from individual famillies to the gods. The hall is impressively large and the way they are set, does allow you to see the statues from all angles. However as an appreciator of sculpture I believe that the clutter is annoying. I beleive that each statue isn't given enough space to breath and therfore not given justice. Each piece of work is a masterpiece and therefore a degree of isolation could have perhaps reduced the distractions and encourage viewers to study each piece in further depth and to take them more seriously.
Finally the building. Hmmmmm mmm.
Well as I said in the beginning of writing, I am an Athenian who has been hearing of this to-be museum since my childhood as if it were science fiction. So the fact that it has finally been accomplished is an 8th wonder in itself! After bickering over the location for years, then running several architectural competitions for the design, then scrapping them, then running more, all in endless beaurocratic turmoil and red-tape, I am glad that THERE IS a building, and my crititique is secondary.
But here it is..
The upper level almost completely clad in glass is great, the glass flooring which allows you to see the ruins below the museum is wonderful, but to be blatently honest, I simply CANNOT get over that cold-looking aluminium-like metal jacket the outer walls are made of. It's like an industrial building gone arty in its second life. I understand that this may be the concept of Art halls around the world and that the industrial look is fine for a building in London that has been converted from a factory alongside the Thames for example... but for the life of me, somebody explain, why make a brand new building look like a factory? Furthermore, what connection is there between this urban industrial twist and the culture of the marbles it represents?
acropolis museum metal
Airoplane carrier or futuristic sardine can? The metal plates are already a little battered and knocked around at the seams, I hate to think what they will look like in 10 years time.

Having got that off my chest I think I'm going to go there right now. Its 4pm, on a sunny September day and the museum roof garden is simply the nicest place for brunch in town. Anyone care for a cheese platter with me?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Reflections of childhood

I woke up this morning in a nostalgic mood.
Reflections of my childhood & younger years rushed trough me and made me go back to those times were everything seemed colorfull and shinny...

As time goes by we tend to become more & more reserved and we loose our faith to people. I guess this is the price of maturity..! But it would be nice, once in a while, to be able to see things the way we did when we were children. Back to those days when we felt that the whole world was waiting for our presence, when everything was a game and our sences were sharper.

I heard this song today, from Manos Hadjidakis (Greek: Μάνος Χατζιδάκις), an Academy Award-winning famous Greek composer and a picture came to my mind: I 'm around 8 years old in a late summer afternoon, at the beach by my cottage in Greece. The sun is descending and the colours of the sky are ochre, orange gold & deep blue. I remember feeling the summer breeze caressing my face as I was playing with the sand . I had no worries in my head , nor anxiety for anything, simply enjoying the sunset , gazing at the sea, full of hope for tomorrow. I do wish we could feel like that nowdays more often!

This tune made me travel back in time. It 's called : "The Concert" (to Konserto) and it is from the album: "Gioconda's Smile" (Greek: Το Χαμόγελο της Τζοκόντας). The cover and, most notably, the title of the album are explained by Manos Hadjidakis in the introductory note he wrote for the album:

" In the course of a New York City parade, amidst bursts of music and colours and 5th Avenue flooded with people, I found myself one Sunday afternoon in the autumn of 1963. Then and there, I met a little woman walking all alone with a desperate indifference to what was happening around her; nobody noticed her, she noticed nobody; she was desolately alone in the unknown crowd shoving her, passing her by, heedless and hostile, leaving her to drown in the deep flood of the Avenue, inside that sea she was following, inside the wind beginning to blow.

I was riveted there, the only human being who noticed her. I tried to trail after her and follow her till I could get close enough to talk to her, without my knowing what I would say to her; but by the time I 'd made up my mind, I'd lost sight of her. I ran a little way ahead, stood on tiptoe in hopes of catching sight of her again, but the big black sea of people had swallowed her up. Inside me something started throbbing painfully. Without realising it, I'd come to a stop outside Rizzoli's Bookshop and in the display window, exactly facing me, was a book about da Vinci with the Gioconda on the cover. Incredibly enigmatic, she smiled to me, automatically enlarged to the size of the woman who'd just disappeared down the street.
I don't know why all these elements became strangely tangled inside myself, together with an exquisite motif by Vivaldi, which I had heard several days before this and which had continued ever since plaguing my memory tyranically.

No matter what it brings to your mind, I hope you'll enjoy this song as much as I did.

<(For more information about the album click here )

Thursday, June 25, 2009

LA Greek film festival

greek film festival

Greek Jewelry Shop is a proud sponsor of the LA Greek Film festival taking place June 25th-28th 2009. Several pieces donated will be auctionned in the arranged online Greek Film Festival auction.
For more information about this event visit

Greek Jewelry Shop is keen at being involved and sponsoring Greek events worldwide. If you are an event organizer please feel free to contact us via the Greek Jewelry Shop website for further information.
greek jewelry shop logo greek flag with owl

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A pause to remember a magnificent personality who Greece was blessed with. Those readers who have never heard the name 'Jules Dassin' please take a moment of your time to meet this wonderful person. The American movie-maker was to many; one of the last great men in Greek public life.
He closed his eyes last year but cannot possibly be forgotten and there's a little part of him that comes back to life with the new Acropolis museum. Enjoy!

The new acropolis museum

Finally, only a few months are left to go until the expected date of the unveiling of the brand new Acropolis museum which is expected to decorate Athens starting September 2009.
The museum will home the entire Parthenon marble collection including numerous statues never displayed to the public before. This 'architecturally correct' - 21 st century museum will finally offer all the best conditions for a respectable venue of display that the pieces have claimed for many years. The opening is also expected to put much pressure on the British Museum for the return of the 'Elgin Marbles', those dismantled from the Parthenon and shipped to Britain as a spectacle for London, now that one of the main arguments of 'concern over the well being of the marbles' will clearly be eliminated. 
We simply can't wait to see the beautiful job that the multitude of archaeologists have performed! Those of you who are in Athens during September may be lucky enough to coincide with the grand opening (assuming that deadlines are kept to schedule).

An m'agapas by Tania Tsanaklidou

Not by any means a new hit. 'An m'agapas' is perhaps one of the most characterstic and beautiful hymns that marked living in greece in the late 70's or early 80's in Greece. Tania's extraordinary voice led her to a very succesful carreer with a refined audience at a safe distance from Greek Pop. 

An m'agapas means "If you love me.."
If you love me.. I'll steal colours of the fire and a white linen. 
The two of us will re-sketch life. 
If you love me.. there will be no grey for you to watch, 
you'll hold me 
and to ceremonial shores you will take me. 
But if all these, which seem like crazy dreams, become a roar. 
If all these, and whatever I've imagined, doesn't come. 
It will be a loss, the light will become dark, and will vanish, 
because perhaps.. for me the world is you.. only you..

Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Greek-key meander necklaces mounted with greek coins

greek key, meander pattern jewelry, ancient jewellery

The year 2009 has seen the launch of over 100 new pieces in Ancient Jewelry designs available from Greek Jewelry Shop. Our catalog comprises of some items dating back to the founding year of our workshop (1928) and it is always a great pleasure to enrich this collection with new worthwhile items made by our skilled old-school crafstmen.
The above items constitute some of the larger Greek Key Necklaces in our Necklace page.

The significance of the Greek Key
The Greek key pattern (also meander or meandros) takes its name from the square pieces that repeat in the pattern that look rather like an old fashioned key. The pattern is also known as a meander or a Greek fret. Meander means twisting and turning.
Meanders were among the most important symbols in ancient Greece; they, perhaps, symbolized infinity and unity; many ancient Greek temples incorporated the sign of the meander. Greek vases, especially during their Geometric Period, were likely the genesis for the widespread use of meanders; alternately, very ocean-like patterns of waves also appeared in the same format as meandros, which can also be thought of as the Guilloche pattern. The shield of Philip II of Macedon was decorated with multiple symbols of the meander; the shield itself can be found in the museum of Vergina in Central Macedonia of Greece.

20 new ancient Greek Necklace designs

Over 20 new Ancient Necklace designs have been added to our store this week on our necklaces page. Themes include Greek Key (meander) Necklaces, animal torc necklaces, and hellenistic hand-woven jewelry designs (photos below)

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New gold-plated coin pendant series

greek gold coin pendants

We are proud to give our followers a glimpse of some of the new designs we will be adding to our site over the next week! This brand new range features a number of the most popular ancient coin pendants in gold plated matte-finish versions! Naturally the entire pendant material is sterling silver and the quality of these pieces matches our the rest of our items and our reputation.

This range took quite a bit of research. As many jewelry fans may know, gold plated silver is quite frequently a disappointment (particularly for pendants) as the increased contact with the skin (acidity of sweat, perfumes etc) generally is known to cause gold plating to fade quickly. However from our experience the best way to do this was to allow the silver meander mount to shield and protect the inner coin from high contact. The result was even better than we expected due to the beautiful contrast created between the vivid gold color (on the sand-blasted matt coins) and the glossy silver external Greek-Key bezel!

Let us know what you think!

My big fat cretan wedding!

wedding planning crete

Some say that Crete is a step away from paradise, others call it a dream-retreat. If Crete is the place where you would like the most memorable occasion of your lifetime to happen, then the people down at Almyrida Beach Hotel arrange it for you!
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crete wedding almurida beach

wedding in crete greece planning

New jewelry designs coming this week!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beautiful scenes of Greece and Greek monuments

I wanted to share this video I found on youtube with some of the nicest images of ancient Greek monuments I have come across, compiled together. The music by Vangelis also seems appropriately monumental. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vacation offer for Almyrida Beach Hotel (Crete)

Our friends at the dazzling Almyrida Beach resort in Crete have something very special to say! Take advantage of their special holiday offer which ends soon!!!!

Book now between the dates 16th April until the 9th of May 2009 and receive 8% off your booking!!!

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Dionysus/Bacchus silver coin pendant

Featured item


Current price $78.80

The coin is characterised by coinage collectors as one of the most celebrated coins from antiquity and a masterpiece of an engraving. Originals are valued from $15,000.00
EU €11,487.92
- $30,000.00
EU €22,975.84
depending on condition.

Satiros, Satyre, nude male, phallic figure

Head of Dionysos looking right in a magnificent depiction, wearing wreath of ivy, hair tied in bunch behind head. Legend reads N-AXI-ON, nude and ithyphallic Silenos or satyr squatting facing left

Material: Solid Sterling Silver

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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Lol! While making this post I couldnt help noticing and commenting on the funny coincidence of birds in both the 'Greek Jewelry Shop' and 'Twitter' logo. The strength and imagery and in symbols never change.. although can be translated very differently across cultures. Wisdom vs Gossip?

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