Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The authentic Tzatziki recipe - Greek Cuisine

A customer from the United States who is also a friend,recently asked me what the REAL recipe for Greek Tzatziki is. When I first heard her question, I didn't understand her confusion - after all I thought that finding a recipe for Greek Tzatziki was relatively straight-forward on the internet. Right? Wrong.
Upon searching the net and sites like youtube I was MORTIFIED at the terribly wrong interpretations of the Tzatziki recipe by people who obviously had never been to Greece..
Some recipes included red-peppers and even feta-cheese (!!!) in the sauce.. which may be an interesting proposition.. but ask any Greek and they will tell you that it sure ain't tzatziki!!!
Here's a short video I found that shows the authentic traditional recipe. Nice and simple! - Enjoy!

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