Sunday, December 15, 2013

The blistering pendant of Helios

The blistering pendant with the face of the ancient God of light, Helios, originated from the islands of Carria, Rhodes (Circa 230-205 BC), is a magnificent coin replica of numismatic art in ancient Greece. 
Helios, personification of the Sun in Greek mythology, was son of Titans. He was a handsome god crowned with a shining aureole.

The island of Rhodes is almost the only place where Helios enjoys an important cult. In Greek mythology, Rhodes was the goddess of the island of Rhodes and wife of Helios, personification of the sun-god. You can make out the Rhodes name (in Greek) above the rose and bud on the reverse side. The obverse ('heads' side) shows Helios himself. The pattern of Helios and rose with bud appears often on coins of ancient Greece.

The pendant is made of sterling silver with a diameter of 2,2 cm (0,9 inch).

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Les abeilles de Malia

Un des dessins de bijoux les plus rénommés de tous les temps, les abeilles de Malia, un artefact incroyable hébergé par le musée d'Héraklion, en Crète.

Les abeilles de Malia sont considérées comme l'une des découvertes archéologiques de bijoux les plus définitives de la civilisation minoenne. Ces abeilles d'or sont représentées verser une goutte de miel dans un rayon de miel. L’article est affiché au musée archéologique d’Héraklion, en Crète. Il remonte à plus de 3800 ans. Fouillé par les Français de la nécropole Chrysolakkos à Malia (ou autrement écrit Mallia), Crète, d'abord publié en 1930 (P. Demargne, BCH54 (1930) pp.404-21 et pl.19).

Même pour les standards actuels, les évidences de la compétence et de l’artisanat sur ​​les abeilles de Malia sont énormes et incontrournables et laisseront tout bijoutier qualifié étoné et abasourdi par son détail granulé et par sa structure difficile et stimulante.  Cet article constitue l’un des spécimens les plus importants et les plus renommés de l'art minoen et des anciens bijoux sur un niveau universel.

The bees of Malia

One of the most renowned jewelry designs of all time, The Bees of Malia, an incredible artifact hosted by the Heraklion Μuseum, Crete.
The bees of Malia are considered to be of the most definitive archaeological findings of Jewelry from the Minoan civilization. These gold bees are depicted storing away a drop of honey in a comb. 

The finding is displayed at the 'Heraklion' Αrchaeological Μuseum in Crete. It dates back more than 3800 years. Excavated by the French from the Chrysolakkos necropolis in Mallia, Crete, first published in 1930 (P. Demargne, BCH54 (1930) pp.404-21 and pl.19).

Even with today's standards, the skill and craftsmanship evident on the Malia bees is phenomenal and unsurpassed, and still leaves even the most skilled jeweler breathless and bewildered with its granulated detail and extremely challenging structure. This item constitutes one of the most important and renowned specimens of Minoan art and ancient jewelry on a universal level.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

'Arise' project - Greek Mythology photobook by Tristan Dark

When we first heard from Marco Brunetti a photographer from Italy it was in the form of a customer request towards our website greek jewelry shop. But his request from us was far from usual. He wanted to create a work of art in the form of a photographic art-book in full tribulation to the gods of Greece, their origin and their more than notorious mischief and mysterious intertwining relationships.
As he wanted to use costumes and jewelry in true ancient Greek form, it was not such a surprise that he approached our website for some props. I was so amused and quite flattered that he wanted to do something truly beautiful and flattered that the fruit of his 2-3 year project would contain our jewelry that I invited him over to Greece and showed him the best I could of the monuments. What was intriguing was his persistence and vitality in this project which is finaly released and called 'ARISE'. Everything about this book is very stylized and indeed quite imaginative and should I say.. incredibly sexy! After visiting the Temple of Poseidon together for his research and spending a couple of nights in Delphi and , we could only become friends.

Marco clearly dignifies his aesthetic preference to the subject of the female Goddesses, while the infinite drama unfolds, characterized by endless cliff-hanging and symbolic dilemmas that Greek Mythology is so renown for. In Greek Mythology, everthing happens for a reason, characters are born and killed wisely or seductively or with jealousy or hate only to reveal a new state of philosophical being. Most names of Greek gods, particularly the Primal gods and Titans are the core univeral concepts (names) like eg. the Sky, the Sea and Earth. Their relationships critical to the existence a philosophy of embodied concepts and ideals such as the first western one, the Greek one.

Likewise to everything following a rationale in the Greek mythology, 'ARISE' has it's own unique reason for having finally been realized after several years of hard work. It is perhaps the first time I have seen a large format luxury edition extended study of mythology with a predominant approach on the aesthetic principles of Greek mythology. All through the eyes of an Italian photographer.
While the myth unfolds, Marco's eye is on the characters as an observer of these always passionate and tragic personas, the youth, the passion, the envy, the disaster, the fertility and the enigma which always gives birth to something new.
I hope you enjoy the preview photos of this outstanding production.

Arise website
Arise facebook page

Friday, May 3, 2013

It was a pleasant surprise to come across a beautiful set of electronic publications distributed openly on the internet about ancient Greek archaeological sites and museums. We invite all our friends who are interested in ancient Greece and would like to browse specific archaeological sites and museums before visiting (or others who are in the mood for some ancient Greek homework) to browse and enjoy!

ancient Greek male statue from the National Archeological museum of Greece

The National Archaeological Museum

Author: Nikolaos Kaltsas 
Year Published : 2007
© Copyright: EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A. / John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation
ISBN: 978-960-89339-2-7
Publisher: OLKOS
Pages: 464
E-Book ENE-Book GR

More ebooks on Greek museums and archaeological sites..

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A stunning 3D tour of Athens

If you've never actually visited Greece or if you haven't been in a while, there's a stunning little gizmo here that will bring you a little closer! We particularly loved the natural 'Tzitziki' (Greek for Cicada) sound blended into the atmospheric audio that tends to put you right in that sunny dry summer mood that Greece is so divine for.. Ouzo is served with Octopus and Kalamari at noon... Sea you there!

Stunning virtual Athens tour