Monday, May 30, 2011

Greek Jewelry Shop is proud to be featured on the cover of "The Jewel of Persia"

It was around six months ago, when I received an unusual email request sent a satisfied customer.. nothing unusual so far except that this particular customer was Roseanna M. White the author, who was particularly keen on gaining permission to use one of our family's very old jewelry designs for the illustrative cover of her new book The Jewel of Persia

I was very flattered indeed that our Large silver torc bracelet, an all time classic which my uncle Lefteris Vaphiadis last adapted in the 1960's had been selected to perceptively enhance with its presence, a thrilling new book written by an already successful author.

I was also pleasantly surprised that the integrity of the author was such that she did go to the effort of requesting proper permission acknowledging the bracelets copyright (instead of grabbing some images from Google the easy way). Despite what the proper legal route to such endeavors may be, as an artist myself that makes original jewelry designs, I can only congratulate her on this behavior. This behavior being commendable, subsequently has a lot to say about the way the author treats and respects her historic research which is beautifully blended into her novels.
As one reader/reviewer has written already: "I love how Roseanna intertwines history with fiction is such a way it is hard to tell where the truth ends and fiction begins. She has lots of historical information listed on her website to help you see how she wove her story around those facts. She is very clear on what she created and what is factual. It is done so beautifully that it is easy to see how it could have happened."

To be honest, as the book has only just been launched, I have not had a chance to read it yet as my copy is on its way directly from the author (I am very excited!!) , but judging by the book reviews on amazon the novel is already a great hit!


Roseanna White said...

Thanks so much, Aris! I was also incredibly excited to find you willing to lend me your photos for my book. It's been an honor and pleasure to get to know you and your fabulous designs through this process!

Stephanie Morrill said...

I've read Roseanna's books. They're amazing!

What a fabulous bracelet. I think it really stands out on the cover.

Anonymous said...

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